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Forbes explains before the docuPAD system, they had a very strong F&I department. For nine or so years, they were always leading their 20 Group. They thought they ran the best of the best and didn’t need any extra help. But watch what happened when they implemented the docuPAD system.

Find out how Chevrolet of Montebello saw a PVR increase of $400 with the implementation of Reynolds' docuPAD system. The docuPAD system doesn’t allow their finance managers to miss any signatures on the deal documents. They sleep better at night knowing F&I has taken all of the right steps on a deal.

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When Reynolds' docuPAD system was presented to Steve, he thought it was another gadget. He realized quickly that the docuPAD system is the best product that he’s seen in years. He’s not just saying it. He has the statistics to prove it. 

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The docuPAD® System: Revolutionizing F&I Sales

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